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Teaching To A Riot

The Neurodivergent E-Book and Toolkit Bundle

The Neurodivergent E-Book and Toolkit Bundle

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This toolkit has helped hundreds of teachers since it's release in Feb 2024! Check out what teachers are saying in the reviews!

The Neurodivergent E-Book and Toolkit Bundle will take you from reaction to prevention of severe student behavior with the "Meet the Need Method."

This toolkit is proven effective to:

  • Keep ND students engaged with instruction and learning.

  • Refocus and engage ND students with short attention spans.

  • Prevent behaviors that often lead to elopement or aggression.

  • Reduce distracting and disruptive behaviors from ND students.

  • Create an environment that reduces ND students’ stress responses.

  • Increase trust and relationships among ND students and their peers.

This toolkit will show you how to:

1.) "Read" the behavior within seconds so that the behavior doesn't get out of hand.
2.) "Identify" the need that must be met so that you can prevent the behavior from happening in the future.
3.) Adjust  teaching methods and classroom environment to accommodate students' needs, fostering a sense of community, respect, and empathy.

This is for you if...

🤬  Exhaustion and frustration has moved to desperation and hopelessness.

👀  One or two students upset other students who are trying to follow along.

🍭  Positive reinforcement, posted expectations, and relationships aren’t cutting it.

🧘‍♀️  Classrooms that are calm and collected make you envious and a bit bewildered.

You are ready to...

😍 Create a classroom culture that is collaborative and feels like a community, one where students can thrive and you can find joy.

😎  Be able to do fun and cool projects because all of your students can follow along and you can actually teach.

🤪 Understand students differences and celebrate them so students feel comfortable making mistakes and learning from them

😇 Create solid relationships with all of your kids, even the kids you've struggled with in the past!

🤗 Intervene before behaviors occur and give students the language to communicate their needs so they can help you help them.

😴 Sleep peacefully at night and feel excited to go into work the next morning. For real this helps with that!

Why am I the one?

I am a neurodivergent teacher with 10 years of experience in special education, including 8 years in a center-based program for students with emotional impairments. In that time, I developed expertise in reading, diffusing, and preventing challenging behaviors. My personal experience with ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder as a child has informed much of this expertise. As a behavioral kid who often got kicked out of classrooms, I remember feeling like I was trying my best, but I was overstimulated, stressed, and in need of help that I didn't know how to ask for.

Now, working in a behavioral program, I see my students exhibiting similar behaviors for similar reasons. This inspired me to create this toolkit, as I know teachers want to help all of their students, and with the right tools, they can.

What's inside?

⚡️INSTANT access to 100 strategies and the info you need to know why they work.

💃 EASY and FUN explanations of:

  • Motivation 

  • Fight/flight/Freeze

  • Trauma and anxiety

  • Sensory processing

  • Executive functioning

  • Emotional dysregulation

  • Self Determination Theory

With BONUSES like:

🖨️ Printable resources to help you scaffold and differentiate instruction.

🕵🏻‍♀️ Case studies to teach you the how and the why for strategy implementation.

​​🧠 Lesson plans on fight or flight and metacognition to teach your students about how the brain learns and processes stress.

👩‍💻 The Conscious Classroom Management and Neurodivergent Learner Workshop that covers the major points of the toolkit and walks you through different strategies.

FOR ONLY $79.00 🤯

Common Customer Questions and Answers:

Q: Hi! Does your Neurodivergent Toolkit also include the ADHD toolkit? If not, what might help me decide which to try first?

A:The Neurodivergent Toolkit addresses motivation theory, needs, and the stress response. It provides strategies for adapting instruction and the classroom environment to enhance learning accessibility, considering safety, comfort, autonomy, belonging, and competency. The ND toolkit also explores the typical strengths and struggles of individuals with ADHD, autism, sensory processing differences, and anxiety/trauma, highlighting how their needs are often compromised. The ND Toolkit also explains how to analyze behavior to find which need has been compromised. So it is way more comprehensive in dealing with behavior, motivation and neurodivergent profiles.

In contrast, the ADHD Toolkit narrows down and focuses on how the ADHD brain learns and how ADHD affects emotional regulation, motivation, self-esteem, attention, self-regulation/impulse control, and memory. It offers strategies and supports tailored to address these specific impairments. It is almost as big and is comparable in the number of strategies offered but is much more specific. 

The strategies offered in both are different and applicable to any student, really, because who doesn't like supports... it's why I bundled them. Check them out bundled -> HERE!

Q: Hello, will these strategies work for neurotypical students too?

A: Yes! These strategies are called Universal Supports. They are a lot like a ramp for wheel chair users. EVERYONE can benefit from them!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Fantastic tool for counselling and turning your school towards being trauma informed

Fantastic collection of activities and articles on how to strengthen modern inclusive classrooms. As a school guidance counsellor and school administrator, this tool kit provides a lot of practical tools that are easy and adaptable. Tools can be useful for students and teachers needing to reorient their thinking towards a more trauma informed and neurodiverse class and school. Thank you for putting this together!

Olivia Roybal
Great evidence-based resources all in one place!

I am so thankful I purchased this toolkit. I am a first-year teacher and I just finished my masters degree in teaching, so I have all the theory in my head but am working to build as many resources as I can before I get my own classroom next year. It really feels like a lot and buying this has helped me feel more prepared to implement CLT and RtI best practices into my teaching practice. It's honestly priced at a GREAT value.

I appreciate how Brittany pulls information out of research and resources, then references her sources, and includes all the resources at the end for further reading. I am excited to read through the resources this summer and grateful for the opportunity to read her guide and workshop ahead of time. I look forward to trying these lessons with my future 3rd graders next year.

Truly, thank you so much!

daryl dinger
I loved it.

It's a great resource. Good information and strategies.

This is a beautiful resource for teachers and mental health providers!!

I am a clinical child and developmental psychologist. I specialize in evaluating children and adults so that they are able to receive the services they need. This toolkit is so helpful in my line of work because I can provide real practical resources for teachers to include in an IEP or a 504plan. Likewise these are adaptable things we can all do as humans interacting with other humans. It’s beautiful and inspiring. You won’t regret it. It has a little bit of psychology, practicality and a lot of love!!

Megg Thompson
A MUST HAVE for your tooobox

Brittany has got it going' on! She uses her experience in the classroom to help teachers figure out how to best help their students in a LOVE based way. She knows that human move towards pleasure and away from pain and her toolkit reflects that sentiment! Thank you Brittany! Along with time and patience this addition to my toolbox is going to be AMAZING!

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