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Teaching To A Riot

The Cohort Experience

The Cohort Experience

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Imagine being surrounded by a group of educators you admire and can't get enough of. Feel the sense of community, inspiration, and the adrenaline from the potential for change—not just in your life, but in education as a whole.

In this first-of-its-kind, hands-on, and collaborative program, you will meet teachers from around the world who share your vision and philosophy. Each participant brings unique experiences and perspectives, sparking new ideas and creative momentum. Over six weeks, you will develop or tailor a program for your classroom or school that fits your needs. The collaboration doesn’t end there; you’ll continue working together for years, building something revolutionary. It's exhilarating, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement you haven't felt in years.

The cohort experience is designed for a close-knit community, sustainable momentum, and the thrill of innovation. It will provide exactly what you need to launch your classroom program or school initiative successfully.

Getting Started

You will begin by chatting with Ash and me so we can understand your strengths, goals, and needs. We will place you in a group of 5 or 6 teachers with similar goals and complementary strengths.

You will receive an introduction packet introducing your group, a workbook to guide project development, and a code to a private Facebook group for all participants. Additionally, you’ll have access to a messenger channel and Google Drive for communication and resource sharing within your group.

Week 1: Vision and Planning

In the first week, we will dive into honing your vision, brainstorming potential barriers, and outlining your plan for the next five weeks. You will walk away from week one with a clear plan of action for the development of your program/initiative. You’ll also have specific steps to prepare for week two: The Backward Design of your program.

Week 2: Backward Design

The second week focuses on backward design. With your group, you will refine your program’s goals to ensure measurable success. Your group will gather information, discuss ideas, and construct the framework for your program in a shared Google Drive folder. By leveraging your group’s research and experience, you will reduce unnecessary legwork and maximize efficiency. Your group will create short-term wins to maintain momentum and build resilience against challenges.

You will walk away from Week 2 with a collection of resources and research to pull from, defined short term wins to celebrate, the framework and goal for your program/initiative.

 Weeks 3-5: Development

In the next three weeks, you will design the tools, resources, and details that make your program effective for you, your students, and your school. Using the workbook, gathered information, and group collaboration, you will develop activities, lessons, and guides. Short-term wins will be intentionally woven into all resources to counter cynicism and foster genuine buy-in from stakeholders.

You will bounce ideas off your group, celebrate wins, and share hopes, moving closer to making your initiative a reality.

You will walk away from weeks 3-5 with developed tools and resources you need for successful implementation, this includes all of the activities, lessons, and guides. You will also have the rough draft for implementation, including the who, what, where, when, and how. Implementation will also include a plan to celebrate short term wins and clear communication with all stake holders.

Week 6: Finalization

In the final week, you will have a well-thought-out program, a plan for overcoming barriers, strong relationships with your group, and the enthusiasm and research to tackle any challenges.

This weeks final steps

  1. Create a Support Plan: Ensure your program becomes embedded in the culture of your classroom or school, resilient to tradition, staff turnover, disruptions, or personal emergencies.
  2. Develop a Presentation: Create a 10-minute pitch for your program to present to stakeholders. You will present this to your small group, receiving feedback and celebration from Ash and me.

 Now, you are ready to go out together and change the world.


Early bird pricing is $550 until June 7th.

The price after June 7th will be $750.

Payment plans are available through after pay.


The cohort will start the week of June 16th and run until the week of July 21st. 



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