Meet Brittany

If you didn’t already know, I have a deep passion for helping teachers be the best they can be. I love teaching about the neurodivergent brain and helping teachers make sense of behavior.

My approach to teacher training, creating resources, and hosting workshops mirrors the approach I use in my classroom:

  • motivating through engagement and hands-on learning.
  • building competency through accessibility, scaffolding, and explicit instruction.
  • creating "AHA Moments!" by providing opportunities for reflection, discussion, and connection.

I also really like T-shirts!

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We design the tees and our two trusted print providers Monster Digital and Swift Pod swiftly ship them out to you!

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Because DTG applies ink to the fabric it will not peel or come off. You can rest assured that if you follow these care instructions your tee will last-

Wash inside out with like colors and air dry or dry it on low.

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