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Teaching To A Riot

Behavior and Needs Detective E-Book and Workshop

Behavior and Needs Detective E-Book and Workshop

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Understand The motivation behind negative student behaviors.

👉Behavior and Needs Detective Ebook, will take you from reaction to prevention of severe student behavior with the "Meet the Needs Method."

  • This Ebook is a part of the Neurodivergent Toolkit which has proven effective in helping teachers prevent behaviors that often lead to elopement or aggression. By teaching the motivation behind human behavior, it enables teachers to create an environment that minimizes anxiety, builds trust, and reduces escalating behavior triggered by stress responses.
  • The Behavior and Needs Detective teaches teachers how to prioritize problem behaviors, focus their energy on the helpful tells of the behavior, and ways to identify students triggers before problems occur.
  • Once you learn how to identify and analyze the behavior and identify the students struggles you will learn how certain needs motivate certain behaviors. It will show youhow to focus on the behavior and the student to figure out which need has been compromised so you can work to meet that need and prevent that behavior. This approach significantly reduces disruptive and aggressive behaviors, helping to improve the culture of the classroom and relationship of the teacher and the student.

This is for you if...

👉 You’re waiting for certain students to be assessed for special education services because of behavioral issues.

👉 You want to understand behavior and how it communicates different needs.

👉  You want to understand human motivation and harness that knowledge to motivate all students.

👉 You want to be able to predict behaviors and adapt your classroom and instruction to prevent them from occurring.

You are ready to...

😍 Better empathize with students because you understand the issues they are facing.

😎 Create effective plans to support students through frustration and dysregulation.

🤗 Create a safe and comfortable environment that humanizes your students.

😇 Build solid relationships with all of your kids, even the kids you've struggled with in the past

🤗 Help give students the language so they can advocate for themselves.

😴 Sleep peacefully at night because you now feel competent that you can handle any challenge students throw at you.

Why am I the one?

I am a neurodivergent teacher with 10 years of experience in special education, including 8 years in a center-based program for students with emotional impairments. In that time, I developed expertise in reading, diffusing, and preventing challenging behaviors. My personal experience with ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder as a child has informed much of this expertise. As a behavioral kid who often got kicked out of classrooms, I remember feeling like I was trying my best, but I was overstimulated, stressed, and in need of help that I didn't know how to ask for.

Now, working in a behavioral program, I see my students exhibiting similar behaviors for similar reasons. This inspired me to create this toolkit, as I know teachers want to help all of their students, and with the right tools, they can.

This toolkit will show you how to:

1.) "Read" the behavior within seconds so that the behavior doesn't get out of hand.

2.) Identify the students strengths and struggles so you can more easily identify their triggers and better tailor interventions to their strengths.

3.) "Identify" the need that must be met so that you can meet the need and prevent the behavior from happening in the future.

What's inside?

 🎁 Inside you’ll get INSTANT access to the E-Book with:

👉 an easy to follow system for behavior analysis

👉 explanation of the 5 needs that must be met in the classroom and why

👉 considerations for working with neurodivergent students

👉 commonly compromised needs for students who have anxiety/trauma, ADHD, autism, and sensory processing disorder

👉 Typical strengths and struggles for the above neurodivergent types

With BONUSES like-

🎁 A case study to assist you in applying what you learned

🎁 An easy to follow process for effective implementation of and reflection on interventions 

🎁 Resources to guide you in learning more

🎁 Instant access to the Meet The Needs Workshop and the companion Student Xray Workbook 

🎁 FOR ONLY $29.00 🤯

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